South Sacristy of the St Thomas Church Christened “Petzoldt Sacristy”

20. June 2016

Yesterday, the previously unnamed south sacristy of the St Thomas Church (Thomaskirche) in Leipzig     

was christened “Petzoldt Sacristy” during an official ceremony in the context of the Bach Festival Leipzig.

Prof. Dr Martin Petzoldt, a long-time chairman of the Neue Bachgesellschaft, was involved in the parish for many decades as an active member and church elder. In this time, he generously shared his immense knowledge, particularly on the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach. Pastor Britta Tadikken and retired pastor Christian Wolff paid tribute to Martin Petzoldt’s extraordinary commitment. His wife, Renate Petzoldt, unveiled the plaque bearing the sacristy’s new name.

The dedication ceremony was held after the “Gottesdienst in der Ordnung der Bachzeit”, a special church service in the style of Bach’s time that was developed by Martin Petzoldt and has been part of the Leipzig Bach Festival for many years now. In the Petzoldt Sacristy, visitors can also enjoy a small exhibition on the work of Johann Sebastian Bach.

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