Our 2017 Projects

1. February 2017

Last year we successfully implemented our project “Bach Academy in the Ukraine” and made it possible for six Ukrainian Bach Academy colleagues to attend the Bach Festival in Dresden. In 2017 we would like to       
strengthen our focus on the two other projects from last year:

  • The publication of essays by Prof. Hans-Joachim Schulze
  • The development of educational material on Bach for middle schools

In 2016 we received donations for both projects. However, even more funding will be required for their successful implementation. Therefore, we are once again asking for your active support!

What exactly are we planning?

Together with our Johann Sebastian Bach Foundation and the Bach Archive Leipzig, we would like to produce a publication with essays by the well-known Bach scholar Prof. Hans-Joachim Schulze.

We would like to develop three curriculum modules on the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach for classroom use in German middle schools, classes 7/8 and 9/10. Unfortunately, the subject of Bach only has a limited presence in the music curriculum at German schools. By offering attractive teaching materials, we would like to help pupils learn more about Bach’s work. We have already made important contacts with publishers of educational materials: these companies have expressed a strong interest in working with us. The stage is set – now all we need is sufficient funding to get the project rolling.

We will only be able to implement these projects with your generous support! Therefore, we kindly ask that you make a donation.

Donations account of the NBG at the Postbank Leipzig:
IBAN:  DE08 8601 0090 0067 2279 08
Name, address (for the donation receipt)

Thank you for your support!

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